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Offering professional regular and corporate ICT training and certification for individuals, businesses and corporate entities.

Simdol Institute of Technology is a registered computer school with stellar reputation for providing quality practical & technical hands-on learning experience to build topflight versatile ICT professionals for innovations, rewarding careers in IT and improved efficiency in diverse computer-compliant fields.

We offer our students required training to master the practical skills and understanding they need to thrive in the fast-paced world of computing. We help students achieve their ICT proficiency and certification dreams by connecting professional skills and creativity with purpose in a way that will increase productivity and foster career and business development.

  • Certificate Courses: Ideal short term courses designed to primarily focus on students who do not have the luxury of time but wish to have good operational knowledge of computer applications, including digital literacy, internet operations, hardware repairs, data analysis, multimedia designs & editing and more.
  • Diploma Courses: Courses designed for the stream of students who wish to have Diploma in IT & in-depth knowledge of computer applications, office management, programming, database administration, hardware systems, network administration & IT security.
  • Professional Courses: Career Development & IT Certification courses that offer the students to grasp the boundless opportunities in the market, including Software Engineering, Web Development, Mobile Apps Development, Multimedia Designs; Database Administration & Computer Networking.
  • Corporate/Specialized Training: Job-oriented IT training designed for government, business & corporate officers, and special students in different fields on effective implementation of ICT tools for improved operational efficiency & productivity.

ICT Programmes

Do you want to keep your finger on the pulse of current developments in computing and use the latest tools to discover, analyse, and evaluate the principles used in various IT solutions? Check out our training programme categories.

Digital Ethics

Ideal programmes that prepare trainees on computer appreciation, applications of data processing and management systems for personal and commercial purposes.

  • Digital Literacy
  • Data Processing
  • Speakers & Digital Ethics
  • Digital Office Management
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Graphics & Media Designs

The right courses that teach skills for making pixel-perfect graphics, paper publications, creative designs, photo editing, audio recording & video editing.

  • Graphics & Print Media
  • Photo Editing (Photoshop)
  • Vector Graphic Design (Illustrator)
  • Audio Recording & Editing
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Programming/Software Dev.

Different specializations and courses in software engineering for creating software applications, including development tools and methodologies.

  • Python Programming
  • Machine Learning
  • Java Programming
  • Mobile App Development
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Web Development

Training packages for equipping top-flight professional front-end and back-end web developers with various trending and lucrative web technologies.

  • HTML, CSS, JS, Bootstrap
  • jQuery, Angular, Ajax
  • PHP/MySQL, Python, Java
  • WordPress & E-commerce
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Database Management

Training students on languages, applications and programming used for the design, maintenance and administration of electronic databases.

  • SQL Development
  • MS Access & SQL Server
  • MySQL Database
  • Oracle Database
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Networking & Repairs

Certificate and diploma professional certification courses that delve into the latest concepts and tools used in computer networking & repairs.

  • Networking Associate
  • Networking+
  • CCNA new
  • Hardware Maintenance new
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Electronic Accounting

Computerized accounting systems for finance managers, accountants, auditors, front desk officers and managers of companies and organizations.

  • Advance MS Excel
  • QuickBooks Accounting
  • Sage (Peachtree) Accounting
  • Complete Accounting Package
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Special Courses

Distinquished certificate and professional courses that are designed for special purposes in different fields of life including academics & religion.

  • Computer in Research
  • Public Speaking & Digital Ethics
  • Pastors & Digital Awareness
  • Computer for Special Needs
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More Courses

We offer more professional IT certification programmes that are designed to help our trainees improve their operational efficiency and reach their proficiency goals.

  • Data Analysis (SPSS)
  • Internet Appreciation
  • ICT Entrepreneurship
  • Corporate Training
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Why choose us?

We are a registered institute of technology in Nigeria and have what it takes to help you achieve your ICT proficiency and certification dreams. Here are the Simdol IOT advantages:

At Simdol Institute of Technology, we provide guided hands-on practical training delivered with current technologies and by seasoned and professional instructors in an environment that is conducive to learning and skills acquisition.

We are pleased to offer students studying any programme the opportunity to develop additional skills. You have the chance to develop your career in the industry with courses that are designed to help you acquire new skills with flexibility.

Perfect Learning Modes

Project-based learning that helps the student to apply his knowledge into projects that simulate real-world situations.

Objective-driven sessions that constantly keep the student and his mentor focused on the immediate tasks at hand while constantly ascending a well-defined spiral of learning.

Guided Practice that offers every student an opportunity to polish his learning at a pace that is comfortable for him. This enables the learner to also go beyond the classroom inputs and build more practice hours under his belt, which his potential employers will find valuable and different.

Digiskills for Innovation

Committed to making you the person of your passion, Nigeria the nation of our vision, and Africa the continent of our dreams through technological innovations and productivity.

Career Building

We offer career-focused courses that help trainees explore new business opportunities in the industry & give them insights into how to creatively maximize the opportunities.

Top-flight Professionals

Not only do we offer top-notch training handled by professional instructors, we are committed to building top-flight ICT professionals for operational efficiency in a range of industry leading organizations.

When you get trained at Simdol IOT, you become versatile & connect with individuals, businesses and professionals around the world.


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Do you want to explore technologies, methods, and evolving trends in computing? Then apply for one of the trending ICT training programmes such as web development, programming, machine learning, computer networking and network security, database design & administration, electronic accounting and more.

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Each member of our team is an experienced professional in his or her field. Together, we are committed to making sure that you achieve your proficiency and certification goals.

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