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Adobe InDesign for Publishing

Certificate course | Multimedia Designs

Adobe InDesign for Publishing

Learn Adobe InDesign for high quality publishing. It is a very important tool in publishing today. It is essential for magazines, newspapers, print and ebook publishers, and freelance designers around the world.

This course is perfect for publishers, designers, business & entrepreneurs, photographers, authors, and online businesses.

In this course, you'll

  • Learn how to design professional publications and graphics in InDesign
  • Learn how to design pamphlets, flyers, eBooks, PDFs, magazines, brochures, and more
  • Become comfortable using all of the important InDesign tools and functions
  • Learn the proper workflow from starting a project to exporting it
  • Have fun while learning, with easy-to-follow real world projects

Programme Code: IND

Duration: 4 weeks

Tuition Fee: ₦ 40,000.00 [$52.48]

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